About Saga Brand

Saga Brand brings visionaries and CEOS a seamless process to breathe new life in to your brand, streamline your message, create visually stunning design, and help you stand out – so that your brand evolves, endures, and ensures success.


3000+ projects. 200+ clients. 25+ years. 5 stars.

Visionary founders come to us with serious branding headaches…

Headaches that are costing you money.

  • You lack a clear vision, and your team is unfocused – they struggle to recap your brand’s mission and values.
  • You know your company deserves attention, but everyone else thinks it looks stale, and you blend in instead of standing out.
  • And your outdated, clunky website all but turns potential customers away.

Visionary Founders like you are Breathing New Life into Their Brands

Visionary founders around us are engaging customers like never before, and standing out in ways that create more success – and more money.

There are a ton of things that could be done. Here’s the specific thing that SAGA excels at. We help you simplify and clarify your  message, create stunning design, and create a streamlined sales-funnel website that gets future leads into your sales team’s inbox.

And then, inspired by your story, we help you double down on the story of your mission, a story you’re living out with your clients. That’s why we call it a shared story that endures… a saga.

  • Did you wake up one day and realize your website looks so dated the 90’s want it back?
  • Did the market change during the years you were hard at work on the floor or in the field?
  • Are people unclear why you’re an obvious choice for their needs?

We need to solve that. Fast.

Let’s build a brand that evolves, engages, and endures.

That can only happen when we strip away the noise and simplify the message. Simplify it so that humans can get excited about it.

This clarity is what fuels everything.

You’re on a journey, and you are creating freedom for others to succeed in their lives. Money is the transaction that fuels all this freedom – and if your website or sales team is missing leads from dated design, we need to fix that.  

Any brand can breathe new life, engage customers, and stand out in the marketplace.  Any brand can go from feeling boring and dated to refreshed and humming with new life.

It’s about finding that spark, creating an adventure, setting ambitious goals, and amplifying the impact. This is how brands go from being just another name to becoming unforgettable. Sometimes even becoming part of someone’s identity.


meet the founder

Dominic de Souza

Dominic has been passionate about branding, strategy, and stellar design for 25+ years. He’s worked for multiple service-based agencies, freelanced for years, and hosts side projects to field-test ideas and make friends.

He deeply believes in human-centered strategy anchored having a great story, and doing interesting things that people want to talk about.

Here’s what his clients routinely say:


“Your dedication to customer service made the entire process seamless.”


“Your ability to generate a beautiful, attractive and most importantly functional and user-friendly website is amazing.”


“Dominic understands what it takes to run your own company, and he brings tremendous energy and zeal to every project.”


“Your attention to detail is unparalleled.”


“Your timeline exceeded our expectations.”


“The creativity breathed new life into our online identity, setting us apart.”


“A beautiful and striking website that exactly captures the unique and special aspects of our school.”


“Your keen perception of our vision was truly remarkable.”


“Second to none in his ability to actively listen to a client’s story, ask insightful questions, and then communicate the heart of a company’s brand beautifully.”


“One of the things I appreciate most about Dominic is his versatility. Not only is he a talented website designer, but he is also a valued consultant and entrepreneur.”


“He worked carefully to really know and appreciate the heart of our business, using his insight to develop what we ourselves couldn’t always put into words.”


“He took my comments and materials and created a masterpiece of a website!”


“He’s a joy to work with, and the more drive and passion you have for your idea, the more he’ll fuel your vision forward.”

Why the Bison? As a kid in New Zealand, I grew up on Nature documentary reruns. One on European bison thrilled me. Their combo of gentle beauty, prehistoric muscle, and shaggy shoulders speaks to an older world. A world where campfires and great sagas thrilled the hearts of adventurers. Business is one way stories can revive meaning.