Technology Independence Group

James Keough has had enough of all the Big Tech privacy scandals and lack of alt tech competition. So he’s heading up his own revolution to break up the big tech monopoly.

With his suite of partners and services, he’s on a mission to help companies assess their dependency, break free, and stay free.

His initial website was a simple few pages, and he needed a design that would make him look more mature and professional. Plus, it needed to grow with him and his vision for a blog, ad campaigns, and a movement.

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James Keough


I’m a founder of a start-up and needed help developing a website that spoke to my brand and messaging. I needed it done quickly to feed into my marketing campaigns. That is where Dominic came in.

He led a well-structured dash process that started with an insightful interview. He took my comments and materials and created a masterpiece of a website! And he did this in two painless iterations!!

Big thank you, Dominic!